Would be nice to have a decent server/'game pc' with Xenserver.
Are there other people who want to donate some hardware or chip in some €€ to buy the required stuff?
Hardware needed:

  • CPU that supports virtualization
  • enough ram
  • enough disk space

W. found a server for a good price (300euro) in exchange we help with an openvpn setup:

  • PowerEdge SC 1430 (SV1143)
  • Quad core, 1.86ghz 4GB ram, 500 GB Sata 7200 (and a backup tape-dec)

Facts about the server:

Tower dimensions:

  • Height: 17.59" (44.7cm) with feet
  • Width: 6.69" (16.99cm) with feet
  • Depth: 18.44" (46.84cm) with feet


  • SATA disk, SAS would be better/faster

Contact: Tazo