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The concept is to organise hacking workshops every 2 weeks, during the week-end.

If you have an idea of a workshop, you can add your ideas below, and contact us to organise the event:

  1. Wifi Bonding: try Lintrack and patches for weights on bonding on wifi links
  2. Cheap Infrared: make an infrared receiver over a serial port, or connected to a SLUG
  3. gPXE: booting Linux from an HTTP webserver, and flashing BIOSes of computers, see, and the EEEPC example, create an OpenWrt ipk package in order to server gpxelinux.0 for machines having PXE booting, install a squid on the router with an SD card to cache the content.
  4. TetrapakWaveguide: trying to design Wifi waveguide antennas with TetraPak fruit juice boxes. See example of Tetrapak Slotted Waveguide Antenna. Spiral antenna + interference test
  5. Dish antenna 5ghz+coax cable: Build directionnal 5hz antennas with dishes and homemade feeds, like in Athens. Learn how to make coaxial cables for HF.
  6. Olsr-ng: use the SNR as a metric
  7. Rapid booting:
  8. fonera-mp3: Fonera with an OGG chip.
  9. lcdproc: LCDproc over GPIOs.
  10. Kboot+Kexec: Boot over wireless and replacing the kernel while it is running. Maybe a need to port Kboot to OpenWrt?
  11. KVM: virtualisation made easy
  12. Network simulator based on OpenVZ: OpenVZ has the advantage to create multiple jails on the same machine. This can be used together with ebtables to create a network simulator to simulate behaviour of routing protocols, such as OLSR. Packet loss and bandwidth can also be simulated with TC tools.
  13. Brick Party: or rescue your broken router with JTAG, serial or other tips and tricks. Bring your router to the party, and we will try to resurrect it from the dead. Experiment with a JTAG-finder.
  14. Aircrack-ng: WEP cracking and beyond.
  15. fonera-mp3 : bringing audio streaming to the fonera
  16. web-dev : intro to wikidot/spip/drupal/
  17. OpenStreetMap : getting into openstreetmap
  18. Software patents: patassasin
  19. Arduino/CUI : sensors
  20. synergy : sharing mouse/keyboard over the network
  21. Debian: debian packaging howto
  22. IPv6 on wireless mesh networks (olsr)
  23. PublicGeoData: Status of Implementation of the INSPIRE directive, and how to introduce more liberal licensing for free our geographic data. How to get more data from the State with the upcoming PSI directive revision.
  24. Shuttle: Set up a shuttle service from Ghent, Antwerp, …
  25. VDR + Elisa + Mythtv linux mediabox: Set up a linux mediabox for freeing the TV and Home theatre and putting the net decentralisation video on Tv
  26. Gp2x , OpenPandora: presentation of Linux embded entairtenment devices
  27. Install party of multimedia Linux distro: Set up a linux distro like Artistx , ubuntu studio and so on
  28. Demoscene Music: Presentation of Module tracker music , open source music format , content , artist , tools , webradio …
  29. CoLinux: port CoLinux to OpenWrt
  30. PCB Etching: Circuit board etching
  31. Metaboard: Metaboard, build your own arduino on the cheap
  32. PowerDistributionBox: Build a power distribution box from 3 phase to normal sockets.


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Meeting minutes


  • 09 Nov 08: Aircrack-ng at Okno (to be confirmed) - More information to come (and will be announced on
  • 14 Dec 08: WiFi Antenna Building
  • 27 Dec 08: Request for an Antenna workshop at 25C3
  • 11 Jan 09: OpenWRT and Fonera-MP3
  • 08 Feb 09: JTAG and Brick Party.
  • 08 Mar 09: Projector DIY Optics.