Tt 03 03 09

zoobab & ptr_ invited RC for their monthly 'Palabre' tuesday-meetings over to void*pointer

Reseau Citoyen Palabre

the wiki-page at RC: RC Wiki announcement

on the agenda:
* hackerspace bxl: intro, what it's about (ptr_)
* Wireless Battle Mesh : chat on our trip to paris/tmplab, on what's happening there, and invite ppl to join in for config, going there etc.
* micronomics: a festival on small-scale economies by citymined (ptr_,citymined?)


have a welcome + introductory chat on arduino
* agenda of coming arduino-sessions (ptr_ makes detailed schedule & wall-poster)
* usb-sticks with necessary software (linux, win32, macosx)
* johan from tektonica & his webshop to buy your gear



behind-the-scenes: discuss on general description / goals, of our party: