Meeting 03 Feb '09


  • Agenda for the FOSDEM weekend:
Thurday 05/02
put on the heating and pray for good weather ptr_
Friday 06/02 Sugar Dev Meeting
09:00 open the space ptr_
12:00 be present benjamin
21:00 be present steef
21:00 be present pierre
setup HSB[1]
Saturday-morning 07/02
11:00 shopping for drinks/food ptr_, steef
Saturday-evening OpenWrt hacknight
18:00 open hsb benjamin
* 4 or more people sleep @ hsb ptr_, steef, some openwrt dev
Sunday 08/02
  • [1] Setup HSB:
    • setup wired network
    • setup power supplys
    • setup small but static music installation -> ptr_
  • Create hsb poster to put up in FOSDEM, logo from -> ptr_
  • post fonera for sales on wiki -> steef
  • mail to mailinglist for hsb logo
  • donations are ok, we can make a wiki page
  • we will pay 20euro/event to cover the energy/water costs to ptr_ (this is a starting policy, we will see how it evolves.)
  • look howto make a decent mirror of -> steef, pierre (rsync is open on, mirror should be bigger then 12GB)