Date and Time

Tuesday 16 June @ 19:30


av. princesse elisabeth 46
1030 schaerbeek

Key: tazo (around 19:00)
ptr_ (18h+)


in the end these didn't happen :

  • Hackdopi: patch onioncat to support other ipv6 network prefixes, try ctorrent-ipv6 over several onioncat links
  • Demonstration of Anonet
  • (whoever added these — benj? : could you please only add things if there's a chance you come over… or put notice that it's only taking place if the weather is bad :-) — not to give false hope to people interested

what actually happened:

  • quick notice on how to subscribe to our mailinglist :
  • rendez-vous for the 'build up meeting' is next saturday starting at _13h_ / plan is to find a way to make some shelves, clean out the library, pull some cables
  • some random neighbours dropped in (and not so close neighbours too, great to meet you all :-)
  • a quick intro into wireshark filtering rules, wireless network eavesdropping (iwconfig mode Monitor) — nothing too fancy happened, just playing along with the toys :-)
  • somebody already tried installing a captive portal on openwrt boxes & on ubuntu — is nocat the way to go ?
  • very quick talk on hackerspace sofia (ruby meeting, their organising a monthly hack-a-ton, )
  • drooling over some accelerometer & gyro electronics development (thanks j0)
  • have quick look on hsf agenda — while chewing slice of pizza
  • late night kismet (hidden ssid's)
  • p.'s latest device scored: microtest disczerver / device which was in gpl violation, but apparently this got solved — someone into trying to locate code …? latest update seems 2002