Slacking Weekend


The weekend of 06-07 Jun 2009. Setting things up on Friday 05 June evening.


av. princesse elisabeth 46
1030 schaerbeek



After 6 months of work on the start up of HSB, we're eager to do some slacking ;-)

For that reason we are going to do a dedicated slacking weekend! Just chill out!

Starting from Friday evening 5 June till Sunday 7 June we are going
 to do absolutly nothing but slacking stuff.
This could be:
- play a Capture The Flag ( )
- console  games / LAN games
- watching things what the beamer projects (image some popcorn/beer hours)
- long animated discussions of your favorite topic
- browse your favorite rss-feeds
- some eating/drinking
- <insert your favorite time wasting activity here>

What will we do behorehand to make this a bit work:
- clean up HSB
- try to arrange some sofa's. Someone can fix something? Let us know ;-)
- fill up the fridge
- get some chill music

Like always this is an open event. It's also the perfect time to come over and discuss a project you
 would like to do at HSB.

More info will be at:

We are looking for:

  • Sofa's we can borrow
  • Console games
  • That's it for the moment…


  • I'm installing the CTF server
  • Friday evening we will clean up + reschedule the positions of the tables
  • I will try to go to the shop on friday evening
  • We have a TV for the console games
  • Anything else?


  • Q: are gf/so allowed ? :-)
  • A: sure thing

Add questions, requests here…