Schedule Openwrt

as quite a lot of people join in, with different backgrounds, we decided it would be good to have short talks / demos (like 30 min or so) — and provide a lot of time in between those to go hacking on concepts you like;

if you're having a specific topic/question you can join us via IRC ( #hsb), or subscribe to the mailinglist code31:

Saturday 24

  • 10:00: Hacker Space opens, drop in, boot up, get connected and drink coffee. (we go shopping etc..)
  • somewhere between 12:00 - 13.00 : Lunch & introductory talk (we gonna prepare some sandwiches there) — this will be a fast general introduction on OpenWRT / flashing a device / showing it around / installing some packages (olsrd,..)
  • 14:00: Happy Hacking: flash your router, get the developer tools installed (kamikaze 7.09), explore the starters-corner and the debrick-debris-junkyard
  • 16:00 a session on the development environment kamikaze build system, how it's built up, how to create/adapt a Makefile to get thing cross-compiled
  • 18:00: Organic Packet Injection (hans & ptr_ go for a gigantic flying spaghetti monster mashup - served with a fresh salad)
  • 19:30: Hacking till dawn, with beer (or water for the purist ninja's)
  • a third talk, introducing the inner workings of openwrt, porting to different architectures, at an undefined moment in time;

Sunday 25

  • 10:00 door opening — or if not, try to wake us up, go lockpicking, or idling around / busy_waiting() loop
  • 11:00: Bricked Brunch (what's left of yesterday's spaghetti :-)
  • 13:00 or so: smalltalk on:
    • web-interfaces LUCI
    • openwrt on virtual system
    • fonera-SD
    • aircrack-ng on openwrt

(all tbc)

  • 17:00: LEDs dying / Cleanup & chillout
  • 20:00 doors