Python Workshop

Date and Time

Saturday 26 Sep 2009 @ 14:00


av. princesse elisabeth 46
1030 schaerbeek




Just drop everything you would like to see during such a workshop here.

  • A: (I am organizing the thing): I talked to people in hsb and there seems to be also the need to do a 101 course, so maybe we should start with such a course first. I would like to start with the who, where, what and how of the language and then we can go on from there. It seems like everybody loves GUI stuff, but as I already said in one of my mails, I never do GUI stuff, so my proposal is making a beginners workshop out of this thing with the goal that everybody should be able to write small tools for his day to day work. Does that sound reasonable? Like this is the language, these are common idioms, these are libs you should know etc.
  • How to transform any command line app with a python wrapper and a GUI?
  • I often heard, that python is an excellent glue, to use libraries of other languages. I would like to see that. (SWIG?).
  • Python+QT
  • Python+openGL (or similar)
  • Talk to your periphery with python
  • Create a script to migrate data from wikidot to mediawiki
  • Create a script to migrate data from mediawiki to wikidot
  • Create a script to migrate data from $WIKI to $ANOTHER_WIKI :-P