This project describes the plans to build a power distribution box.
Participants: Christophe, Askarel, You?

Power enters in 3 phases and is splitted into normal power sockets. Sockets are separately fused and general security is provided by a 3-phase differential.

Hardware Specs

Hardware I/we have:


  • 2x circuit breaker 16 amp - 2 poles (Vynckier Series E C16)
  • 1x +-17cm fuse-rail

Don't know

  • 2x female 3 phase red socket (16A-6h 380V Mennekes) (See notes)
  • 1x male 3 phase red socket (16A-6h 380V Mennekes) (see notes)

Not usable

List here the things that we have but are not required for the building of the distribution box.

  • 1x fuse/circuit breaker 25 amp - 2 poles (Vynckier Series E C25)
  • 1x fuse/circuit breaker 20 amp - 3 poles (Vynckier Series E C20)
  • 3x fuse/circuit breaker 20 amp - 2 poles (Vynckier Series E C20)

Missing Hardware:

  • 1x male CEE-Form 3 phase red socket (32A 380V), flush mounted, for enclosure
  • 1x 4 poles 16 amp breaker (see notes)
  • 1x 4 poles differential 40A/30mA
  • 4x 2 poles circuit breaker 16 amp
  • 9x female normal power socket flush mounted, for enclosure, with rain cover
  • 3x female 230V/16A CEE-Form socket (blue) flush mounted, for enclosure
  • A box with waterproof lid(s) for the breakers ??
  • wooden construction (needs to be custom-build)
  • isolation-stuff
  • long 3 phase extension cord (5G6 mm2, +/- 20m)
  • 1 male and 1 female CEE-Form plugs for the cable

Fun Extensions:

  • amp meter
  • rack above/below the power distribution


  • According to the electrical team from HAR2009, 16A 3 phase is not used on the field: they stick to 32A and above as a standard
  • Knowing that, would it be useful to have such sockets on the box ??
  • Will we put a 3 phase/32A red socket for daisy-chaining with another power box ??