Meet The Law

we go to pay the Law a visit:
if you want to join the talk :

we'll meet at
dienst juridische bijstand'
telefonisch contact 02 511 5045 14-17h
going there in person : every weekday 9-11h
regentschapstraat 63 - 1000 bxl (near palace of justice)

questions we'll ask:

  • waivers : do we need members to sign a paper that they are participating under their own personal responsability ? (so can't attack us/our non-existing insurance, if something accidentally happens) — what should be written on there ?
  • can we use this principle to protect ourselves (HSB as non-profit organisation) from being taken to court if one of our members f*cks things up (not obeying to .be law) during the meetings ?
  • euh…