we are in this together, frank — belgian tubing wisdom

in case you ask yourself why to install one, as we've got one already: the one existing right now is temporary & ptr_'s private, so we better install a new one at hsb before the potty is gone;

so friday 22nd


  • 7h : clabots opens ( - ptr_ did reservation for a drilling tool there (one to make really nice big holes in concrete — diameter 110mm, length of drill 40cm)
  • wouter tries to be at hsb before 10h, fetches drill with ptr_ (ptr_ pays the bill), eventually other tools
  • 11h: steef & all of you who want to help a hand come over (steef has got keys in case ptr_, wouter are not back yet)
  • we drill holes, all day :-)
  • (it would be cool if drill is returned before 18h, otherwise ptr_ has to go to clabots by tram saturdaymorning)

things we could need:

  • euhm, a toilet (check — donation by d*vid)
  • a sink could be cool (ptr_ has a recup one, but doesn't particularly like it)
  • tubes, tools for fixing tubing (water, waste water, anything)
  • anything you think of