Hacking At Random 2009 (HAR2009)


The HAR 2009 will be held in Vierhouten, NL at the paasheuvel on August 13-16, 2009.
The shedule.


UPDATE: it's sold out…

Belgian Trippers Carpool

Tell us when you'll be going to Holland, also if you're driving or need a lift: http://www.doodle.com/nbdugp6wz8vsyew9

HSB Village

Our Village on the HAR wiki
IF you want to join us please edit the HAR wiki and leave some contact info.

UPDATE: There is a tent! -> thx F.!!

This is a quick draft from what we discussed at TechTuesday15. A lot will still change.


  • People going now: 21
  • Tents:
    • size: 5,5mx5m (9th,f.)
    • 6x3 (12th of Aug, w.)
    • dome +-3x5m (10th of Aug, b.)
    • price: 10euro p.p. (hsb pot for transport&reimbursing broken material)
  • Tables/chairs:
    • bring your own
  • Floor:
    • bring your own? :-)
  • Sleeping tents:
    • bring your own (small iglo's won't be a problem, if you have a really big (5 person or more) tent notify (w.)
    • Lights:
    • If you have cool table lights, or colorfull effects, plz bring them
  • Power cables:
    • bring your own
    • power uplink (CEE plugs): w. will check if needed …. Update: is NOT needed, (they provide standard plugs)
      • independent circuits ! (f.'s remorque)
      • try to put the tent onto the power distributor!
      • network switch:
      • only 100Mbits for the moment (hsb)
      • f. brings 100mbit managed switch 48 port
      • unmanaged 5 port gigabit
      • 24port gigabit (r.)
      • rip your office!
    • plastieken botten
  • Network cables?
    • need a long uplink cable
    • bring your own
    • Fridge (s.):
      • Oven(s.)
      • gasfire(w.)
      • microwave(a.):
      • bring your own plate&cuttlery
  • beamer goes to har but everybody pays 20eur if it breaks down
    • Soundsystem:
      • speakers & amp (h.)
    • Bike:
      • w. will try to bring one
      • f. will try to fetch his bike from the roof
      • DECT phones:
      • someone wants to order together some DECT's? (s.)
      • Watchduty:
        • on the spot
        • big box that can be locked in the trailer - but we need a good padlock!! with codecombination
        • apparently there were some cases of theft at previous camps. We can create a watchduty so there is always someone in the tent during the nights. Create a schedule on the wiki (t.)


  • trashbags (guess HAR provides those)