Distributed Social Networking

all your base are belong to us — japanese proverb >

a /sunday/ of investigation in technologies (un-)available to distribute todays social internet infrastructure;
(sorry, not the whole weekend as planned,because in the end i'm not available saturday :-/ having fun at http://www.timelab.org/summercamp09/ … ptr_ )

  • mainly brainstorming on imaginary technologies
  • if you know nice examples, please bring code/slides/pdf as our internet connection still s*cks (things will get better though)
  • probably there be some tryouts, if there are ppl interested in throwing some code together

what could be fun:

  • captive portal accesspoint: invite your neighbours to share
  • have a look at the new opera browser
  • reinvent Xanadu!

what we did:

  • having a quick look to the concept of map-reduce
  • openid as a base framework to support distributed user authentication
  • stepping through the tutorial at http://devzone.zend.com/article/3581
  • we installed php-openid http://openidenabled.com/php-openid/ on some machines and tried to get it running(in the end it did, sort of)
  • we ve been working with php-openid-1.2.3, had some problems with Yadis plainhttpfetcher, which didn't select the right port for doing http requests, this we circumvented hardcoding port 80
  • another problem (in the end, so we didn't look further into) : php didn't allow fdsockopen() on one machine (installing libcurl could help here)
  • anyone ready for another try, with a newer version of the php-openid (2.x) :-) ?

your attitude

  • imagining a (non-centralised == non-hierarchically == not-proprietary) infrastructure with some/all functionalities common on the 'social' web: (twitter, facebook)

Ideas which nurse the mind

ppl we need/want to contact

  • wuala ?
  • noserub, identi.ca,…