Build up HSB

Power cables

  • We need more power connectors in the space

Create tables

  • Remove the old piano
  • create a table in that corner

Clean up the mezzanine (little 1st floor)

  • Remove the wood dust
  • Create a work space for 2-3 people

Cables guides

  • Something to guide all the cable together to the wall

Create a datenklo

  • build the serverroom above the toilet.
  • no noise pollution and warm in the winter

Stuff we could use

  • Water heater (for tea and coffee) — found it
  • Microwave — there's one, so that's ok, — cleaned it
  • a blender for trying out these cocktails :-)
  • Fire extinguisher — pref co2 based
To Do for build up HSB
Build the toilet
Bring adsl in
Create storage
Create the library
Big clean up 1
Big clean up 2
Create more tables
Clean up the 1st floor
Power lines
Cable guiders
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  • Build the toilet
  • Create storage
  • Big clean 1
  • Big clean 2
  • Create the library
  • Improve internet uplink