Arduino Sessions

Tue 03 Mar

  • get your arduino
  • get it connected to you pc : there's a nice overview here
  • install the Arduino software. Again good info at | ladyada's
  • ow and drop some bucks into our money vault

Sat-Sun 07-08 Mar

  • our friends (anyone named ellentriek is my friend ;-) organize a weekend full of wires, leds, soldering irons at the Compilotheque; we'll join in so come over with your project(-idea) or questions…

Tue 10 Mar

Tue 17 Mar

  • gibberish chatter : serial communication lesson 4
  • inputs floating around: connecting a pushbutton lesson 5

Sat-Sun 21-22 Mar

  • mididuino mayhem: a look into the workings of midi, and how to get it all connected

Tue 24 Mar

  • come up with a nice project

Tue 31 Mar

  • there will be a talk&tryout on servomotors (if somebody finds L297&L298 IC's/ or an ULN2004, we can tryout steppers too ) and also a talk on 'state machines' and how you can code them. The session will also be free for experimenting.