26C3: Here Be Dragons
26th Chaos Communication Congress
December 27th to 30th, 2009
Berlin, Germany


Nick Car Appartment Comments Arrival Departure
Hans Seat needed Yes Sure to come 26/12 29/12
HGF Seat needed Yes Sure to come 26/12 29/12
Xflame Seat available Yes, if I can come Not 100% sure yet! 26/12 30/12
Ptr_ Seat needed Yes 100% sure! ~26/12 till after newyear probably
Sandbender Seat needed Yes 100% sure! ??? ???
Tazo Seat needed or by train Yes Can confirm after 1/10/09 ?? ??
  • Contact Hans for appartment details - Shared cost (Estimated 100Eur/pp)

Appartments near the event (max 30 min walk, preferably within 1km),
It needs to be nice and have a kitchen.

Hans: My better half found these places: http://delicious.com/soeki0/26c3: I think this one stands out: up to 8 ppl, 800 meters from the event.

fs111: Some dude at work send me this today, its 10 minutes with the tram from the BCC: http://www.imalofts.com/
(Seems to far for me ; Tram means we will not be able to do it at night :-( )
fs111: Who tells you that there is no public transport at night? Berlin is the capital of Germany and not some small village, I bet that there is trams running all night.

What about that: http://www.channels.nl/75796b.html ?

We need at least two cars this year!

  • Contact Xflame for details of car number 1
  • Contact ??? for details of car number 2